Monday, November 28, 2011

Teaser - Where We Begin Chapter 2

Bella took a sip of her soda and folded the next hand with a patronizing smirk across the table at Jasper. “Please. I'm not that stupid.”

Edward followed her lead and folded; she'd been kicking their asses all night, it would have been stupid to stay in.

“Where'd you learn to play cards so well?” Jasper huffed, showing annoyance for the first time as he gathered up the abandoned cards and claimed the anted chips as his own. Bella picked up the Polaroid camera from the table and snapped a picture of Jasper’s scowl.

“What do you think I did when I came to visit Charlie? Sit around the house with him and Emmett and paint their nails?” Bella laughed and brushed a wayward strand of hair behind her ear. “Charlie was always either working or fishing. Emmett had friends. The guys at the station taught me while Charlie was on duty.”

He couldn't help but smile at the small glimpse she allowed them of too short weeks spent with her father as a child. It wasn't something he could really explain, he just liked knowing things about her that not many others did. Something about it felt different now. An errant thought that maybe it was because this was the first time he’d ever gotten to actually hang out with her without the burden of labels. Tonight she wasn’t Emmett’s little sister. She wasn’t a classmate. She wasn’t even really a friend. She was just Bella, and he was starting to regret not ever getting to know her before.


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