Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Teaser for Chapter 21 of Bitemarks & Bloodstains

Are you finally ready to talk?” Carlisle asks in that way of his that leaves little room for anything other than agreement as we distance ourselves from the house. I'd been hoping to avoid this for so long, but things are different now, and I'm starting to think that I've been holding firm to some vague interpretation of this man that I concocted when I realized he just wasn't as transparent as most of the rest.

I am. What is it you want to discuss?” Seems some habits die harder than others; I don't actually want to be so confrontational, I just can't really help myself.

We could start with why you seem to be so convinced that I have it out for you.”

You've never liked me much,” I point out, just so that he knows without the shadow of a doubt that I do understand that about him, even if I don't know much else.

Carlisle smiles a bit—a sight I haven't actually seen very often—and like it's nothing says, “I'll admit I've had reservations, but you've always been good at proving people wrong when it comes to you.”

Why did you do it? Why'd you lie to them” I ask as I stand opposite him and begin the fruitless task of figuring out just what's going through his head.


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