Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Obligatory 'I haven't posted anything in like, a week' Post

Hey, look!  I got bored and made a new banner for Long Way Down!

Eventually I'm going to get not lazy enough to like, put it places.  Oooooh, exciting.

I'm still around, still doing stuffs... mostly for other stuffs that's not posted anywhere yet, which is why it's all quiet-like around here.  There are possible outtakes occurring, possible one-shots being pre-read.  Banners being made for fics that will go up soon...  Fun shit like that. :-)

So yeah, I'm still here.  I'm pretty sure that was the point of all this.  I think.  I don't know.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Teaser for Chapter 21 of Bitemarks & Bloodstains

Are you finally ready to talk?” Carlisle asks in that way of his that leaves little room for anything other than agreement as we distance ourselves from the house. I'd been hoping to avoid this for so long, but things are different now, and I'm starting to think that I've been holding firm to some vague interpretation of this man that I concocted when I realized he just wasn't as transparent as most of the rest.

I am. What is it you want to discuss?” Seems some habits die harder than others; I don't actually want to be so confrontational, I just can't really help myself.

We could start with why you seem to be so convinced that I have it out for you.”

You've never liked me much,” I point out, just so that he knows without the shadow of a doubt that I do understand that about him, even if I don't know much else.

Carlisle smiles a bit—a sight I haven't actually seen very often—and like it's nothing says, “I'll admit I've had reservations, but you've always been good at proving people wrong when it comes to you.”

Why did you do it? Why'd you lie to them” I ask as I stand opposite him and begin the fruitless task of figuring out just what's going through his head.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Teaser for Chapter 20 of Bitemarks & Bloodstains

Jasper, stop!” Bella pleads, and I take two deep and rapid breaths, desperately trying to calm myself down enough to respect her wishes.

In the end I just can't, because I don't understand why the fuck she's opposed, and I'm too wrapped up in the memories of Bella bawling her eyes out in the woods, of her leaning her head against the glass of the Jeep as we drive down the highway, and of her pinned against her mattress begging me not to leave her—but my lunge is met with air, because that pause gave Emmett the head start he needed to pull me away from Edward before I manage to snap my teeth closed at his neck.

If I were less pissed off I would have found it hilarious that Rosalie is the one restraining Edward when he tries to come after me. Instead I just snarl. “Pussy.”

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

O/S - (Not Leaving) Without You

(Not Leaving) Without You - Jasper/Bella
Sometimes it's not so easy to find your way back home.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Banner for @IzPerplexing - Bound By Promises

Banner for @IzPerplexing's Jasper/Bella fic Bound By Promises 

 [TwiWrite] [FFn

Kudos to CorraCoralina for the manip!

Teaser for Chapter 19 of Bitemarks & Bloodstains

The hotter my senses run, the cooler Bella's become, and I wonder if maybe there's something to this method she's chosen to reintegrate herself into the Cullens—if the bonds of family and friendship are doing something to allay her worries and turmoil. Maybe it works both ways—or maybe this is just the way Bella draws power to give herself the strength she needs to face this conflict with her head held high. She's got all these bonds lashing her down to this particular location in space and time; she has something to fight for, something that she thinks is worth it. So do I, but I can't even imagine how much she feels she has at stake, because just knowing that she's on the line here is enough to send me into overdrive.

I have no idea what Bella and Alice said to Carlisle to get him on board with this plan, but that was more of my own doing. There just wasn't a chance in hell that I was going to talk to him about it if I could help it. It's odd, to be so purposefully out of the loop. It's a price I'm willing to pay, however, because if I don't talk to Carlisle then I don't have to consider that he might try to take the battle plans out of my hands, and because after whatever their conversation entailed Alice disappears for a blissful two days. Teaching Rosalie how to do a roundhouse is so much more fun without Alice there to screw it up.

I don't haven't the slightest clue as to what Alice did to ensure the Volturi come when she deems the best time to be, but it doesn't really matter, either. There isn't anything I can do to manipulate the situation; I have to trust that she has it taken care of, no matter how much it bothers me to leave it in her hands. I have to allow a tentative belief in her words to me out in the forest when she'd said that no matter what she'd be on my side, and hope that means she's unconditionally on Bella's as well. Besides, I know Alice well enough to realize that if I had told her not to do it, she would have just gone behind our backs; at least this way I have some semblance of a heads-up.

The day comes without ceremony. It's four o'clock in the morning on a meaningless Monday when Alice returns, slamming the door on her way in to the house before she calmly tells us, “They're coming.”
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