Friday, July 29, 2011

Playing Catch-up - My Fics

Long Way Down - Jasper/Bella
When Edward confesses his reasons for leaving, Bella finds that she cannot give him a second chance.  Her insistence for closure in the wake of a second departure is met with the realization that one of the Cullens refuses to leave her unprotected again.  AU
Aftermath - Jasper/Bella
A series of supplemental one-shots to Long Way Down from Jasper's point of view.
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Belonging - Peter/Charlotte
A routine walk down an alley in Laredo sets into motion the events that end Charlotte's life, and send her tumbling into a dark world full of hate and war.
A prequel to Long Way Down
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Bitemarks & Bloodstains - Jasper/Bella
Two days in Phoenix is all it takes to make Jasper realize that mere curiosity cannot explain his obsession with the human who has so thoroughly caught Edward's attention.  AU
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The Spastastical, Romantical, and Over-All Awesome-ical Discovery of Jasper Whitlock
Bella Swan knows what she wants—Edward. Well, sort of. Crack. Total and complete Crack. You've been warned.
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Where We Begin - Edward/Bella
Edward spends his summers home learning what it means to grow up, and how effortless falling in love can be.  AH


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