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Choices - Posted Exclusively on TwiWrite

Choices - A supplement to chapter one of Long Way Down, and originally donated to Fandom4Storms, is now posted on TwiWrite.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Jasper Manip: Cowboysper :-)

Playing Catch-up - My Fics

Long Way Down - Jasper/Bella
When Edward confesses his reasons for leaving, Bella finds that she cannot give him a second chance.  Her insistence for closure in the wake of a second departure is met with the realization that one of the Cullens refuses to leave her unprotected again.  AU
Aftermath - Jasper/Bella
A series of supplemental one-shots to Long Way Down from Jasper's point of view.
[TwiWrite] []
Belonging - Peter/Charlotte
A routine walk down an alley in Laredo sets into motion the events that end Charlotte's life, and send her tumbling into a dark world full of hate and war.
A prequel to Long Way Down
[TwiWrite] []
Bitemarks & Bloodstains - Jasper/Bella
Two days in Phoenix is all it takes to make Jasper realize that mere curiosity cannot explain his obsession with the human who has so thoroughly caught Edward's attention.  AU
[TwiWrite] []
The Spastastical, Romantical, and Over-All Awesome-ical Discovery of Jasper Whitlock
Bella Swan knows what she wants—Edward. Well, sort of. Crack. Total and complete Crack. You've been warned.
[TwiWrite] []

Where We Begin - Edward/Bella
Edward spends his summers home learning what it means to grow up, and how effortless falling in love can be.  AH

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New Stuff!

So, what's coming up next?  Funny you should ask....

Teaser for Chapter 15 of Bitemarks & Bloodstains

I don't see how that would do us any good at all,” I tell her, taking great care to keep my voice even and calm, so the absolute rage that floods me at the notion doesn't come bursting out.

Why not?” she asks, and she doesn't really care what the answer is, she just wants to know.

Because the next time I see Edward, I'm gonna kill him. We're not going to get another fighter out of his ashes.” There is more bubbling behind this promise than any other I've given, and not just because he ripped Bella into shreds and scattered the pieces all around the entire town of Forks, which at the very least, made my pursuit of her extremely difficult. He'll want her back, and there's not a chance in hell that I'm going to allow him to dredge up all the shit she worked so hard to get over just to be told no.

You've gotta stop killing people, Jasper,” Bella jokes, but it's clear that she's not really all that happy with my declaration. It's too bad, really.

Not until after the horde of newborns and crazy bitches,” I counter.

I hate him,” Bella confesses, her voice hard and tinged with a growl. “I absolutely hate him, and I hate that he turned me into someone who's capable of that. Just the thought of him brings back everything that happened, and I just...I can't believe I was so stupid.”

I don't think there's anything wrong with that. I hate him, too.”

Yeah, but I'm the moron who fell in love with him,” Bella replies, and the funny thing is that she's really bitter over the truth of her statement, but she doesn't regret it, at all.

Was it worth it?” I wonder, tilting my head to examine her a little more closely.

There's a little bit of me that wishes that it wasn't, just so I could say that if I had it to do over again I would have stayed with Renee—but yeah, it was worth it.”
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