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Divided, Chapter 18 - Teaser

I'm just gonna leave this here and back away....


I couldn’t have been the only one to notice how carefully Jasper held himself as he said, “We’ll stay close.  Scout around a bit.  See if we can’t mop things up before the alarm bells start ringing.”

Jasper was planning something else entirely, but since no one else called him on it, I kept my mouth shut.

“Will that work?”  Edward tilted his head toward Alice.  She glared at him.

“I’m flying just as blind as you are.”

“What about Bella?” Edward asked.  From his tone, I didn’t think I was going to like where he was going.

Peter apparently thought the same.  “What about her?”

“Who’s going to take stay behind to keep her safe?”

I was ready for it.  I had a scathing remark right on the tip of my tongue.  I’d bitten it back so many times in the past, for various reasons, but this time I didn’t want to argue that I should be fighting instead of hiding, and I wasn’t secretly afraid that I couldn’t be on my own.  Gentlemanly to the point of insulting was exactly right; add in his over-protective streak and I was tempted to slap Edward.  I took a breath, ready to let him have it, and then Peter beat me to the punch.

“She can take care of herself.”

“Against vampires?” Edward asked, as if Peter had momentarily forgotten that detail.

Peter grinned, flashing his teeth.  “She did fine with me.”

“You would leave her defenseless?”

“No.  I’m not going to leave her at all, but don’t assume you know my reasons.”

I almost laughed.  It took far too much effort to keep it in, and a deranged sounding snort made its way out of me instead.  It was Peter to a tee; always pushing buttons just to see what would happen.  The most surprising part of it was that Peter’s jab did something I’d have thought impossible.  Edward dropped the subject of my safety, and didn’t bring it up again.  Glancing between them, I almost thought that some sort of grudging respect might have been formed.

Edward crossed his arms and stared daggers at the carpeting while conversation rose through the room once more.  

“So the question is, how many?” Peter asked.

“Stop asking me!”  Alice snapped, making a rude gesture toward Peter.  “I can’t see anything with you involved, you know that.  So either you resolve to splitting up or you shut up.”

Jasper gave more consideration to Alice’s outburst than Peter did.  After a tense couple of minutes that seemed to stretch far longer than possible, he made up his mind.  He faced Peter.  “Which side do you want?”

Peter faltered for a second; just long enough for me to catch the waver in his his stance, the flicker in his eyes.  “I’ll hold the front.”

Jasper glanced at me and said, “I figured.”

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Divided - Chapter 16 Teaser

I'M WORKING ON IT!  I SWEAR! *runs and hiiiiiiiiiidessssss*

Have this teaser!


“Wake up.”

I startled from sleep at harsh words bounding through my room and the sudden intensity of the light being flipped on.  I closed my eyes and opened them again, trying to adjust to the brightness.  “You have got to stop doing this.”

“I’ve been summoned,” Peter said.

Immediately I was alert.  I sat up and watched with wide eyes as Peter stormed through my room.  He paused in front of my open closet before pulling out my suitcase.  It took me a moment to remember I’d hidden my painting of the woods in there.  When Peter wrenched open the top drawer of my dresser my attention refocused.  “Summoned by whom?”

“You know who.”  He sounded vaguely irritated that he had to take the time to explain, but one look at the cross set to his frown told me that he wasn’t so much annoyed with my questions as he was about the answers he’d have to give.

I was up and out of bed in a flash.

“You said I’d be safe here!”  The panic rising in my gut made my voice high, scratchy.  This couldn’t be happening.  I wasn’t ready.  Before I knew it, I was helping Peter throw clothes in my suitcase.  I’d never get used to the intensity of my fight or flight instinct—after all, it was something I’d only recently developed.  In some ways I missed the time when instead of worrying about myself, I’d throw myself in front of everyone else, even if it was the worse thing to do in the end.

“You are.  They’re not coming for you,” Peter said.  He sounded so sure.  “They’re here for me.”


“I assume they want me to find you.”  Peter snapped his teeth together and let out a long exhale through flared nostrils.  I threw some socks on top of the pile of clothes in my suitcase and Peter zipped it shut.  When he spoke again, it was with a softer tone, but not by much.  “They can’t locate you through their normal means.  That leaves me.  There is no other reason.”

“What’s going to happen?”

“I don’t know.  I’m no fortune-teller.  What we are going to do, however, is get you out of here.  Once they’re gone, we’ll regroup.”  Peter was already half-way to the living room before started following.  I hadn’t felt my heart hammer like this in months, and along with that memory came the phantom smell of ashes.

“You knew this would happen.”  I spat the words at him, desperate for the accusation to do something—anything—to mitigate this disaster, but in the end that’s all they were; words.

Peter was composed as ever.  “Of course.  Didn’t you?”

Public Lovin' Contest Winners

The winners of the Public Lovin' Contest!  Congrats!  And thank you to everyone who entered, and to the hosts for letting me get my photoshop on. ;-)

All entries can be found at the FFn Community.

I had so much fun making these banners... although to be honest it was about 99% trolling tumblr for porn 0.o

I made FFn banners, too, but they didn't turn out so good.  Need to practice.  And redo them eventually. *snort*


1st Place

Winner of Public Lovin' Fanfiction Contest. Bella's cactus dies and she needs a new friend. Vamp. *no cacti were harmed in the writing of this fic* 

2nd Place

The Lacrimosa and Honied Pomegranate Seeds by GothicTemptress

The leaking whispers of secret desires beckon the gods of antiquities to Bella's awakening. Edward embraces the myth of Hades & Persephone ... together strangers engage in a thrill-seeking erotic fantasy of risk & discovery. More than stocks are exchanged on the busy trading floor - Award winning One Shot exploring sexual fantasies regarding public sex, kink & risky business!

3rd Place - Tie

Hunger consumed us every moment of forever. Jasper and I walked the earth together yearning for the day our thirst for blood could be quenched. All it took was one fateful night and her, to change everything we thought we knew. That desire could overtake our thirst. Entry for the Public Lovin FF Contest. 18 and over only please. ExJxB

Bella embarks on a little fantasy fulfillment in Sin City. An entry for the Public Lovin' Twilight Fanfiction Contest, 2012.

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Banner for @Darcystwilight - No Questions Asked

No Questions Asked by Darcystwilight

AH, J/B established, future E/B. Edward is every woman's dream, and Bella's one free pass from her fiancé, Jake, but when she is locked in a room with him at the swankiest club in town, what could possibly possess her to turn him down? And why does she dream of his sad, haunted eyes?
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